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Is Text Messaging The Best Option for Your Business in 2022?

Many people are looking for the best way to market their business in 2022 and a quick Google Search will show you that Text Message Marketing is the #1 way that people communicate, so it’s no wonder that all of the smart businesses are making SMS Marketing a priority this year.

As people consider integrating Text Messaging into their business there are a few approaches you can take to text messaging.

  • Text Message Marketing

    • This is the idea of using text messaging to share special offers, sale prices, new product launches and other services with your customers via text message.
    • This type of marketing is perfect for all businesses because it offers you the opportunity to communicate with your audience at the precise moment you have a great idea, or when you need a bump in business.
    • This has proven to be especially valuable when bars and restaurants want to eliminate slow days by creating a special offer, or BOGO deal.
    • Text messaging is also a great way to move product quickly if you have a surplus.
  • Conversational Text Messaging

    • Relationship Building through SMS is a great way nurture the relationship with your followers because it feels more personal, and allows your audience to feel like your relationship is more than just a transaction.
    • This is a great strategy for people who work directly with their clients like Coaches, People in Wealth Management or Insurance, Realtors, and Personal Trainers.
  • Text Clubs and Memberships

    • Text message memberships and clubs are a powerful way to grow your business if you’re in the type of service industry where you are working toward repeat business.
    • You can use SMS messaging to create a continuity program that deepens the relationship with your clients by inviting them to join your “text club” to receive special offers and promotions.
    • This type of program is excellent for Dentists, Chiropractors, Massage Parlors, Nail Salons and Hair Salons. You can offer people a small discount on their services by joining your text club but. you’re really just buying the right to advertise to them any time you want!

What should you avoid when considering text marketing?

There are many companies that offer reasonable pricing for their text message platforms, like SimpleTexting but you need to weigh out the pros and cons of using someone else’s platform.

Benefits to using a third party SMS Platform

  • It’s already set up
  • You have a flat bill every month

Cons of using a third party SMS Platform

  • They can raise prices at any time
  • Little flexibility on package pricing/message allowance
  • Expensive over limit messaging fees
  • Sometimes there are cancellation/setup fees
  • Often you’re using shared “short codes” which means other business are using the same phone number as you for people to text in
  • Keyword limitations due to shared numbers.

Newcomers to text message marketing often find these third party platforms by searching Google for text message marketing or sms marketing because people don’t realize how easy and affordable it is to set up their own text message marketing platform!

How much does it cost to create your own platform vs using a third party text messaging solution?

One of the biggest questions people have when searching for text marketing on Google is: how much does it cost for text marketing?

The minimum package for a third party texting platform is about $50 per month and limits you to somewhere between 500-1000 messages per month.

This sounds like a great deal, until you realize that if you have a customer base of 1000 people, you can only send them one text message per month. Plus, when you learn that you can set up your own texting platform for under $100 and pay only for the messages that you use…that $50 per month isn’t that great of a deal after all.

Text Marketing Platform Cost Comparison

If you create your own text platform using the training that I’m providing here, you will not pay any monthly platform fees. You will pay $19 for a lifetime platform license, plus $1 per month for a local phone number that is exclusively yours and .007¢ per text message. Yeah, less than 1¢ per text message. Let me break down what this means to you over a year when it comes to cost.

Let’s use the example where you have 2000 customers that you’re texting, and you want to send them one mesage per week.  That would be a total of 8,000 text messages per month.

Using a third party platform like SimpleTexting, you’d pay $145/month to send 7500 messages, plus another $10 for the extra 500 messages at 2¢ each, for a total of $155 to send one message per week to your customers. Over a year, that total would be $1,860.

Now let’s compare the cost of sending that many text messages using your own texting platform, specifically the one I share in my training. You would send 8,000 messages, at a cost of 0.007¢ per message for a total of $56. That’s a saving of  $99 per month for a total savings of $1,188 per year! 

But the savings isn’t the best part! The best part is, you have NO LIMIT to the number of text trigger words you can create. You can also create an unlimited number of text marketing list segments as well.

No matter if you choose to go with a 3rd party sms messaging platform, or set up your own, you need to be using text message marketing in your business for 2022, and beyond. As someone who has been a pioneer in the SMS Messaging Field for over a decade I recommend to all of my clients that they create and deploy their own text marketing platform.

In this SMS Text Marketing Video Training I’ll teach you how to create and deploy your own text marketing platform in less than one hour.

How much will it cost to set up a text message marketing platform of your own?

Below is the entire cost breakdown of what it will cost for you to get started right now with text message marketing.

  • Text marketing training – $99 [one time fee]
  • Cost of the platform license – $19 [one time fee]
  • Cost for your phone number – $1 [monthly fee]
  • Cost for your initial text credits – $20 deposit [refilled as you use the messages $0.007 per message]


Total recurring costs: $1 per month for your phone number + $0.007 per text message [$7 per thousand each month]

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